OOPS! of the Day: Predators confused with Thrashers?

Hey, were you aware that Sully played for the Thrashers this whole time?

Welp, Preds fans, we have our first ever Oops! of the Day (I’m sure there will be plenty to come after this)! It seems our good friends over at Sports Illustrated had a brain fart this morning and, in the process of cutting and pasting an article abut Steve Sullivan being cut from the Nashville Predators from the Tennessean, managed to top off the article with the headline “Thrashers cutting Sullivan loose”. You can read the article here.

If you follow any Preds bloggers on Twitter, I’m pretty positive you came across this little factoid this morning and wondered, “What intern screwed this up?” Well, with all of the blasts from Twitter and from the comment section of the article, you would think SI.com would get the hint, fix their screw up and apologize. Well, as of right now (3:31pm CT), the article still stands as is with the headline glaring over the actual article itself.

Okay, I know not everyone knows every single player on every single team (if you do, you are an expert and I thank you) but it’s a simple thing called rereading and double checking. Oh, and let me not forget something called researching the subject. I mean, the article does say NASHVILLE PREDATORS in the post.

Whoever it was, let’s not bash the kid (we’ve all made errors with writing) and realize that not everyone can be Predators fans. It is still, however a kick to the gut for the Predators fans who have battled the knowledge that no one in hockey takes us seriously and to be confused with a club that was sent packing to Winnipeg because a lack of a fanbase makes us even more hot under the collar.

Now, what really irritates me is the fact that SI has not bothered to fix the mistake. We all know they are aware of it unless they just write articles and go, “Welp! All done! Never looking at this again!” At this point, it’s looking like that’s what is happening.

Come on, SI! Fix the mistake! It’s embarrassing to Predators fans and your credibility! Fans, if the headline is still claiming Sully is being cut from the Thrashers, please blow up the article’s comment section and tell them to fix it! Or, if you have Twitter, tell them to fix it by tweeting them at SI_NHL

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