Fate of the Predators 3rd Jersey

With new jerseys on their way, what will happen to the third jerseys?

If you are not aware, the Nashville Predators will be releasing a new jersey this coming weekend (as the rumors go) and some fans fear that the navy blue and black third jerseys will be discarded and will no longer be available. Well, fear not, 3rd jersey fans! Although they will not be used in this coming season, the Preds plan on keeping the jerseys around for future purposes. However, with the new jerseys being released soon, the chances of sports stores carrying the old 3rd jerseys might be unlikely, but online stores should still have them available. Sport Seasons, a local Predators merchandiser posted on their Twitter today that the new jerseys will be available in stores in late August or early September and that they intend to begin pre-selling said jerseys online soon.

When the new jersey is released, Lady Preds will let you know!

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