No Goodbyes – Just ‘See Ya Laters’ for the Preds

The season may be over, but the love & support for the Predators is still very much alive. Photo courtsey of Nashville Predators Official Facebook

Yesterday was a sad day for all Preds fans. It took me a while to get situated and decide how I would go about writing this post. All I can say is I couldn’t be more proud to be a Nashville Predators fan. It was clear that the Preds were the underdog throughout the playoffs and the boys proved that, just because they are only 13 years old and from Tennessee, they too could take on the big boys in the fight for the Stanley Cup. Thanks to their great accomplishment this year, the Preds have won over an uncountable  amount of new fans and gave even the oldest fans a quick reminder of why they loved this team for so long. Again, the Preds are a young team with a bunch of young players. For the Preds to have made it to so many playoff series every year, minus one, that definitely tells you these boys have heart. Although I have never been to another team’s arena, I honestly believe the Predators have the more devoted fans and loudest by far. I attended several events that were brought about by fellow fans and just the unbelievable amount of followers that arrived to show their support was amazing. Hockey has introduced me to some interesting fans and some downright loyal and slightly crazy fans. I wouldn’t have changed it for a heartbeat. I cannot wait until October to see how the Preds take on this coming season. I can only see greatness coming from these boys, no matter if some stay or go. I will be very much upset if boys like Nick Spaling, Sergei Kostitsyn, Matt Halischuk or Shane O’Brien are let go or traded. I understand that the 2010-11 and the 2011-12 team will not include each and every member, but for those four boys, I hope they stay. Same goes for Joel Ward, who is currently not under contract, even though I may or may not have given him a hard time during the regular season and our local boy, Blake Geoffrion. Like I stated before, this was the most historical season for the Predators. Not only did I become a bigger hockey fan (I am not afraid to admit that I consider hockey the greatest sport in the history of sports. That’s right, football & baseball, I love you too but hockey has found a place in my heart no other sport can replace), my family (My dad used to go to Riverking games all the time and got to see his first Preds and NHL game this season), my friends and countless others found a love for hockey, too.

For the Predators, it’s so long to an amazing and historical season. However, it’s not all goodbyes. Although it is now officially the post season and the players part their ways for a few months, October will be here sooner than we think and another historically hockey season will be underway. For the Predators and their fans, there is no turning back from making hockey history.


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